Why Fast and Fearless?


Firstly, I should explain who I am. My name is Georgia and I am an aspiring F1 journalist and broadcaster hoping to one day make it to Formula One. As a ‘Dare to be Different’ community member, I am passionate about encouraging women in motorsport, and all sports, and showing that we are just as capable as anyone else. Another thing that is important to me is raising the profile of the sport to younger people and expanding the fan base to people like myself. As a young woman, I feel I bring a different perspective to those currently working in the industry and want to represent the new ideas and opinions of the younger generation.

I hope to interview as many interesting women as possible. However, for me this is not just about females, I also hope to speak to young people involved in sport. We are seeing drivers enter F1 and sports such as football, at younger ages and so I hope to meet some of the young people hoping to be the next big thing. I particularly love interviewing as I enjoy coming away having found out something I didn’t know before. I aim to also give an insight into the lives of the real and inspiring people who work in the world’s most popular sports.

I admire many people when it comes to sport, mainly because they do the jobs that I would love to do in the future. Lee Mckenzie and Jennie Gow are 2 strong women who have had lasting careers in F1 TV coverage, which I also hope to have. There are also those who have been pioneers such as Monisha Kaltenborn and Susie Wolff. Outside of motorsport, I admire people such as Alex Scott who not only have had an amazing career in sport, but are now carving successful careers in broadcasting.