Veronica Del Sole: ‘Motorsport captures you and you inevitably fall in love’

For many, working in motorsport is their lifelong dream, whereas for others, it is something they stumble upon, never knowing how much they would love it. Veronica Del Sole had no interest in racing as a child, yet after leaving university, began working for Moto2 team Forward Racing. I spoke to her about how working in MotoGP came about and falling in love with the sport.

Before Veronica started working at Forward Racing 3 years ago, she didn’t have much of an interest in motorsport. Neither 4-wheeled nor 2-wheeled racing had previously appealed, with her only MotoGP knowledge being an awareness of Valentino Rossi. However, when she began to work in the industry, she found her true passion. “When I then climbed on the Motorsport carousel, the passion was born itself; this world is like a silent and mysterious creature that does not disturb you, but when you place your eyes on it, is done, it captures you and you inevitably fall in love,” she described. With no interest in the sport, it was never Veronica’s intention to work in racing, with her originally wanting to work in a role involving fashion. “I know that I will increase the disapproval of all the people who were born with a passion for motorsport and sport. I’m really passionate about fashion, and before starting this adventure I thought I would continue my studies and specialize in corporate communication for fashion companies,” she said.

credit: Mirko Lazzari and Gigi Soldano

Working for Forward Racing was her first role in sport, and one she didn’t apply for. Del Sole attended university with Martina Cuzari, the daughter of Forward’s owner and now her boss. One day, Martina invited her down to the team’s offices to help her with some administrative work. “From there I had the opportunity to participate at Mugello GP to work in hospitality, then I spent a period in which I went occasionally in the office and then with the passage of time it has become a real full-time job,” she told me. Initially answering the phone, making coffees and arranging meetings, she soon started working in the communications department with Martina. “She’s the one that taught me all the dynamics of this environment, then I dedicated myself to the press office and finally today I take care of the accounting administration of the company, when I am in the office, while during the races I deal with guest management with my colleagues,” Veronica explained.

Her role now is as the Team Officer of Forward Racing which includes many organisational aspects as well as some communication responsibilities. “Management of the administration is certainly the part that requires the most attention of all, you cannot make mistakes because every day you interact with the whole world and I find myself having to maintain relationships with very important entrepreneurs. During the races, the most important element is to make our guests happy. We are very keen to ensure a satisfying service for the customer, also they have the opportunity to closely observe the business in which they are investing,” Del Sole described.

2017 Forward Racing 18 Valencia GP

Veronica’s role has a lot of responsibility, with her working alongside some of their highest profile supporters and VIP guests. Despite this, it’s other areas of her job that she finds the most challenging, especially as young woman in the sport. “I think that sometimes the biggest challenge is to maintain patience; often it is difficult to interact and have to find a way in a world that for the most part is run by men. Women are inevitably taken less seriously, especially if we talk about engines, especially if you are 25 years old. You have to show that you are strong, that you have good skills and that you have a strong personality. Otherwise, it is difficult to be taken seriously. Certainly, I’m lucky, also because in our work team there are four women. Being competent, credible and being respected and admired for the work you do gives great satisfaction.”

Although only having worked with the team for 3 years, Veronica has already had the opportunity to experience some incredible moments, with her saying: “the joys that this work can give you are immense. I remember the first time that thanks to my work I had the opportunity to travel outside Europe, to Malaysia, the first time on the starting grid, the first time in a paddock, the first walk on a track. I have many memories, but the best I think is still my first race, the Mugello GP, when Lorenzo Baldassarri, our rider at the time, took second place. I almost cried for joy and at the same time I felt like a hypocrite, I didn’t even know who that boy was until a few days before.”

2016 Forward Team 17 Sepang GP

Veronica Del Sole never intended to work in motorsport, however now couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Forward Racing took a chance on her knowing she had no experience and have allowed to her to grow and learn by giving her more and more responsibility. Speaking of her advice for others looking at working in the industry, she said: “my advice for those who would like to work in this sector is to always make their passion prevail and always be humble, do not pretend to always start from the highest step, but start from the bottom because in this, as in a thousand other jobs, is the experience that pays most.” She also believes that if you are meant to do something, eventually you will do it. “I read a book a short time ago, and a sentence was imprinted on me: ‘Do we make decisions or decisions make us?’ It may be strange, but I believe in destiny, and I believe that if something has to happen, sooner or later, it will come. For example, as a child I never said ‘as a grown-up I want to work with motorcycles’ and yet here I am, working for a team that next year will have the honour and the responsibility to bring the prestigious MV Agusta brand back into the MotoGP,” Veronica said.