Angélina Favario: “What could be more satisfying than fighting for the win?!”

17-year-old Angélina Favario began karting in 2016, with her competitive career beginning just two years later. Currently racing in Formula 4, her aims are to reach Formula One and inspire others. After starting her own association last year, she hopes to encourage young girls to consider sports they may not have before. I spoke to her about racing, her dream career and advice for other young people.

credit: Bruno Bade Photography

With sport having been a part of her life from a very young age, it wasn’t in fact until only a few years ago that Angélina first took an interest in racing. “Since childhood, I have been very interested in sport in general. I have tried a lot of different sports, but it was at the age of 13 that I discovered the world of motorsport. No one in my family is a driver, it’s really a personal passion! Besides that, I box and vary the sports I do as often as possible,” she said. It was in 2016 that Angélina had her first experience of motorsport when she attended an event at her local karting track. However, it wasn’t long until she was addicted to the sport and started to race competitively. “I went to ChronoKart in Grenoble to do a ‘leisure’ session with friends, and that’s when I didn’t want to take my helmet off and get out of the kart! So, I enrolled in the driving school. Given my good results, I started competing in 2018 where I finished third in the Rhône Alpes trophy, being the only woman,” she explained.

“Boys don’t really like being passed by a girl, so it’s all the more worth fighting against them!”

As Angélina mentioned, her first race was in the Rhône Alpes league trophy where she drove her x30 kart around the Château-Gaillard circuit. After finishing third in the category in her debut season, it was clear that motorsport had become a real passion. “I love to race! What could be more satisfying than fighting for the win?! Plus, boys don’t really like being passed by a girl, so it’s all the more worth fighting against them,” the young driver told me. After this success, the family decided that racing was something they wanted to commit more time to and just two years later, Angélina is now driving single seater cars. “Currently, I train in Formula 4 on the circuits of France and I am scheduled to participate in the French Formula 4 FFSA (French Motorsport Federation) Championship for next season, 2021,” she explained.

Although still relatively new to the sport, Angélina is certain that motorsport is where she sees her future. Speaking of when she started to believe this, she said: “it’s from me directing myself towards single-seaters that I have learned the most from so far. Formula 4 is a real passion for me, I want to make my dream my job. My parents have been there from the start, they support me and keep telling me everything is possible.” However, she knows it won’t be easy with ensuring she is prepared both physically and mentally some of the greatest challenges. “In motorsport, the mind counts a lot, you have to be good in your head and in your body. Intense physical condition must be prepared beforehand and on a daily basis, which is why the biggest challenge in driving is preparation and not just the circuit,” Angélina described.

Though it’s not just tarmac circuits that she has been racing on, competing on ice too, and it was here that her proudest racing moment came. “One race that I will never forget is the Val Thorens race for the Andros e-trophy, it was in December 2019 and I won it! I was invited by the manager of the championship. The atmosphere was so good and driving an electric car on the ice is an incredible feeling,” she said. Last year, Angélina also launched her own association, ‘Angélina Favario Sport Automobile’, focussed on supporting girls in male-dominated sports. “I created the association in 2019 with aims to promote women in men’s sports, especially motorsport. I am currently the only woman in France to drive in a Formula 4 series, I want to highlight that and show all women that you should believe in your dreams. I also carry out activities such as testimonials in schools in order to change mentalities and prove that women are just as capable as men of driving a racing car,” the 17-year-old explained.

“Girls, together we can make a difference!”

Although currently looking to 2021 and competing in the French Formula 4 FFSA Championship, Angélina’s dream is to continue up the motorsport ladder, ultimately reaching the pinnacle of motorsport. “My goal is to reach the highest level in single-seaters, Formula One,” she told me. With this, she is hoping to inspire others, along with the work she is doing with her association. Speaking of her advice for others, Angélina said: “I would like to show people that anything is possible. Nothing should prevent them from achieving their dreams, I am open on social networks to all those who would like more information on motorsport. Girls, together we can make a difference!”

You can contact Angélina through her social media accounts.

Twitter and Instagram: @AngelinaFavario

(heading photo credit: Bruno Bade Photography)